Apple iPhone 12 South Africa

The iPhone 12 is a similar phone in a lot of ways to the iPhone 11, but with 5G for the first time, coupled with an OLED screen, a more durable build, and increased power, it’s the best iPhone for most people.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are obviously better still – but they also cost more, making them arguably less appealing.

Screen: The upgrade to OLED on the standard iPhone 12 means this has an excellent display – one that can stand up to its pricier siblings, though this is still just a 60Hz screen.

Battery life: The iPhone 12’s battery life is solid – and better than its predecessor’s battery, but it still can’t compete with the longest lasting smartphones. You’ll probably be charging it nightly, but at least you have the option to do that without wires.

Camera: The dual-lens camera (consisting of 12MP main and ultra-wide snappers) on the iPhone 12 performs well even in low light, but it’s not much of an upgrade on the iPhone 11 here. Though being able to use Night Mode with both sensors is a nice bonus.

Mini verdict: The iPhone 12 isn’t the best spec iPhone available, but it strikes a good balance between price and features, packs a class-leading chipset, and has the future proofing of 5G. So if you want an excellent iPhone that won’t completely decimate your bank balance, this is the one to go for.