iPhone 12 Pro South Africa

The iPhone 12 Pro is remarkably similar to the iPhone 12, and that coupled with the higher price means we’ve ranked it lower, but money aside it’s certainly the better phone.

It has more cameras and storage for one, along with all the same great features as the standard iPhone 12 – including 5G and MagSafe tech.

Screen: The iPhone 12 Pro has a great 6.1-inch OLED screen. It’s one of the best out there, but it’s not much better than the iPhone 11 Pro’s, and there’s only a 60Hz refresh rate.

Battery life: The iPhone 12 Pro has acceptable battery life, but it’s not great. You’ll be charging daily – and there’s no charging block in the box, though wireless charging is at least supported.

Camera: With 12MP main, ultra-wide and telephoto snappers, along with a LiDAR scanner, the iPhone 12 Pro has a versatile camera setup, and one that’s better in low light than its predecessor’s snapper assortment.

Mini verdict: The iPhone 12 Pro isn’t a big upgrade on either its predecessor or the standard iPhone 12, but that still makes it one of the very best iPhones – and phones – you can buy. Still, if you want to save some money you won’t be missing out on much with the basic iPhone 12 – while for the ultimate model there’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max.