LG V60 ThinQ South Africa

LG is easily overlooked in the smartphone race despite delivering some superb flagship phones with clever innovations, and usually at prices well below the market leaders. And that is what we have in the V60: a bunch of high-end specifications and some unique features and including 5G, at an excellent price.

It’s using the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU found in all the other top Android phones. That’s rounded out a beautiful 6.8-inch OLED screen, a specialised audio delivery chipset and excellent multimedia all round. For our money it’s also one of the best-looking of the flagship phones.

Screen: The FHD+ screen is on par with others on this list even though it has only 60Hz refresh rate. Many competitors have higher refresh rates, but we honestly can’t see the difference except that for the massive negative impact increased refresh has on your battery life. LGs answer to the folding phone is the dual screen accessory which adds a second matching screen of equal quality (6.8″ OLED) via a folio hard case. Using the dual screen system is an acquired taste, but you can’t fault LG for offering it bundled free with the handset.